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The Lynx X_12

Last headset !

caving and mining lamp

This lamp achieves a maximum output of over 7000 lumens and is probably the most powerful underground caplamp commercially available.

This lamp is the culmination of a mission to combine awesome power with heat sustainability, low form factor, and weight.

Similar in concept to the SAR2 the new model uses higher output Cree XP-L beam emitters in a 3S +3S configuration. Its 400 gram aluminium power bank is designed to mount easily on the rear of the helmet and all together is a reasonably light, wearable package.

The 3 beam reflectors combine a single spot with 2 wide beam to give a crisp impressive light output.

The 12V helmet  power bank uses the latest technology 20700 Sanyo Lithium Ion cells reputedly designed for Tesla.



  • Light weight for power, 260 grams

  • Enormous maximum  power of  over 7000 lumens

  • Blue 'Nightrider' LED battery meter

  • Over 3000 lumens of beam or floodlight

  • 'Walk mode' of 300 lumens

  • 150 lumen pilot.


The lamp has two switches. #1 gives beams plus pilot, #2 gives floods plus battery meter.

Switch #1Beam is 300 (walk mode), 1000, or 3000 lumens

Switch #2 Floods are at 75 , 1000, or 3000 lumens.

Any combination between the two swiches is possible, ie Walk mode beam plus low flood, Beam at SW2 plus floods, pilot and low flood.

Combined beams at max is 7020 lumens at 25C.

The battery fuel gauge is a strip of four blue LEDs indicating a battery level of 25%,50%,75%, or 100%.

The price is 325 with its 4.25 ampere hour, 3 cell Sanyo 20700 (Tesla) cells.

The 4.25 AH power bank for this lamp is the one on the right.

Expected burn times under normal conditions are 20 hours plus at standard mode down to less than I hour at maximum.  In practical terms the lamp is good for a full all day trip with occasional full power use. Don't be put off by the power bank capacity.


The price is 325 with its 4.25 ampere hour, 3 cell Sanyo 20700 (Tesla) cells. Plus postage by special delivery 10. Total 335.

The package:

The lamp, 3 cell  Power Bank, charger, manual and fitting kit.

Our Guarantee

All lamps are guaranteed for 12 months from date of purchase. Refunds of postage will be included in certain cases. Lamps are described as waterproof to IP67 standard, but not suitable for diving. This does not affect your statutory rights.



Ordering a lamp

A these are produced in limited quantities. please contact us before ordering.


Sorry, I no longer ship overseas