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The Scorpion EX_Basic

caving and mining lamp

This is a new concept in underground lighting and as such is rather unique.

The Scorpion EX_Basic


Similar to the Lynx X_Basic but suitable for extreme use.

Temporarily on hold pending a design improvement

  • GoPro mounted with full GoPro compatibility

  • IP 68 - 5 metre submersion

  • XP-L  Emitters, walk mode 200 lumens

  • Tight spot beam and flood, power divided equally.

  • Max output 1800 lumens.

  • Simple push button operation

  • Three easy programs.
    Quick touch #1 On - walk mode, middle, and max.
    Longer touch #2, On - the flashes for those who like them.
    10 sec press #3, On - 10 different brightness modes starting with a low mode up to maximum.
    Battery level indicator acts as pilot light. Green, amber, red, and flashing red.

  • Weight 175 grams, max output 1800 lumens

  • GoPro helmet bracket included.

  • Free GoPro accessory pack with lamp. Cycle and tripod mount, extensions etc.

  • 17 hours light on standard mode, 200 lumens.


Nice helmet bracket!


This lamp offers a combination of tight well defined beam together with a flood, or 'room light' in a similar way to the Scurion, but at a fraction of the price. Those who prefer a broad beam may want to consider the Lynx X_Basic.

The design is 'novel' in that the flood emitter is right up against the glass and mounted on a substantial heat conductor that is let into the large reflector

Lamp, GoPro helmet bracket, 2 cell power pack with fitting kit, 145 plus 8 post and packing, total 153


Cheaper alternative: The Lynx X_Basic