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The Scorpion X12

Temporarily unavailable

caving and mining lamp

This is probably the best all round lamp I produce. And not just me who thinks so.

The Scorpion X12

  • GoPro mounted with full GoPro compatibility

  • New 12V technology, 160 lumens for 22 hours, or 300 for 17.5.

  • Up to 3500 lumens output.

  • Blue 'Nightrider' LED battery meter

  • IP 68 - 5 metre submersion (subject to short time frame due to cable joint)

  • User friendly 2 mode groups of 3 modes from single toggle switch, high range up and low range down.
    Switch up, on and off: 300,1000, and 3500 lumens
    Switch down, on and off: 40, 75, and 160 lumens

  • Memorises last settings so ability to switch instantly up or down to pre-selected modes.

  • 2 sets of 3 LEDs, 2 beam and one flood, power divided equally.

  • Weight 230 grams.

  • Dedicated 12V 3.5 AH Power bank, 280 grams.

  • GoPro helmet bracket included

  • Free GoPro accessory pack with lamp. Cycle and tripod mount, extensions etc.

  • Other accessories available.


 Turn upside down to activate battery meter

 3 cell 12V power bank. Weight 250 grams.

Included accessories, helmet mount, and accessory kit: Cycle and tripod mount and extension bars.

Nice helmet bracket!

Burn time indications

Lower Range: Bottom and middle will run to days, (45 and 70 lumens) top 22 hours (160 lumens)

High Range: Bottom 17.5 hours, (300 L) middle is 4.5 hours, (1000 L) top is 1 hour (3500 Lumens)


Lamp, lightweight 12V power bank, battery fitting kit, charger,  GoPro helmet bracket, free GoPro accessories 245 plus 10 post and packing, total 255



Vertical Helmet bracket.

Free substitute with original order. Suitable for some high front helmets, also skate boards etc.

5 as after sale.