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The Scorpion X16

caving and mining lamp

The destruction of darkness.

This is the latest in the long line of Fellows bat cookers.

The Scorpion X16

  • Sealed rechargeable.

  • Up to 9200 lumens output

  • 4600 lumens of either beam or flood

  • 300 lumens for 25 hours

  • 160 lumens for 2 days on Ecodrive.

  • GoPro mounted with full GoPro compatibility

  • New eye level status bar

  • Blue 'Nightrider' LED battery meter

  • IP 68 - 5 metre submersion.

  • Three independent lighting systems

  • Weight 237 grams. typical.

  • Dedicated 16V 3 AH Power bank, 370 grams.

  • GoPro helmet bracket included

  • Free GoPro accessory pack with lamp. Cycle and tripod mount, extensions etc.

  • Other accessories available.



Power on, isolator switch below light. Current models have isolator set higher as below. Shipped with split pin to secure isolator.

Included accessories, helmet mount, and accessory kit: Cycle and tripod mount and extension bars.

Lamp display

Below is a photo by Martin Farr taken in a large slate mine with the X16 as only light source.



Lamp integrall with 16V power bank, battery fitting kit, charger,  GoPro helmet bracket, free GoPro accessories 395 plus 10 post and packing, total 405

Vertical Helmet bracket.

Free substitute with original order. Suitable for some high front helmets, also skate boards etc.

5 as after sale.