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The Scorpion X8

caving and mining lamp

This is a new concept in underground lighting and as such is rather unique.

The Scorpion X8


This is an alternative to the X_12 for those who want independent flood lights.

  • GoPro mounted with full GoPro compatibility

  • Blue 'Nightrider' LED battery meter

  • IP 68 - 5 metre submersion (subject to short time frame due to cable joint)

  • Same functionality as existing popular Lynx X2000

  • Weight 230 grams, max output 2200 lumens of beam plus low level flood.

  • GoPro helmet bracket included

  • Free GoPro accessory pack with lamp. Cycle and tripod mount, extensions etc.


Turn upside down to activate battery meter

4 cell 8V Power Bank. Weight 318 grams.

Included accessories, helmet mount, and accessory kit: Cycle and tripod mount and extension bars.

More accessories available later, cheap GoPro stuff on eBay.

Estimated Burn times

    (Hrs) Lumens  
  Beam standard (low) 25 250  
  Low flood Days 25  
  Middle beam or flood 7 700  
  High beam or flood 2 2200  

Individual lamps may vary slightly, above is a guide only.

Lamp, 4 cell 7 AH @ 7.4V flat power pack, charger, GoPro helmet bracket and battery fitting kit, GoPro accessory kit. 245 plus 10 post and packing, total 255