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Battery Power Banks and Chargers


Cold Weather

Power packs should not be charged at less than 10C, to attempt to do so at less than zero C is dangerous, in any event charge will fail.

Taking underground from freezing such as by leaving overnight in a car boot will adversely affect the burn time.

The graph below is from the cell manufacturers datasheet.


Compact helmet mount power packs

Helmet mount battery packs are available as 2 cell, 7 Ah @ 3.7V for WSP, EcoStar, Dragon D800, and X1000 (4V series).

 2 cell 3.5 Ah @ 7.4V for Dragon D1800, and EX, and Lynx X_Basic, and Scorpion X.

 4 cell 7 Ah @ 7.4V for Lynx X2000 and X3000. (8V series). Scorpion X8. This is also suitable for any 8V Dragon

We also supply 12 volt packs suitable for our current X-12 lamps plus previous 12 volt lamps such as the X5000, X6000 and MagnumStar.

All power packs are backwards compatible.

All use the very best genuine Sanyo NCR18650GA 3500 mAh Lithium Ion cells in standard power banks, and Panasonic NCR18650NSX ultra high discharge cells in power banks designed for the SAR. These are reputed to have been designed for Tesla. We do not use junk batteries. Here is the Sanyo data sheet for the technically minded.



All use yellow high performance XT60 connectors, however they are reversed between the different 4V and (8V 12V) voltage ratings, his obviates the risk of them getting mixed up.

All power packs of either voltage can be, and indeed its recommended, 'top up' charged. They cannot be overcharged.

Picture below shows the compact lightweight (190 grams) helmet mount pack 2 cell suitable for Dragon D1800, and EX. The Lynx X_Basic and Scorpion X.

Price is 50 plus postage


'Flat Four' Power Packs

New design 2023

This is the  4 cell 8v power pack (below) for Lynx X2000 and X3000 models. It can be used with 8V Dragons but will imbalance your helmet. Weight 300 grams.

New design has aluminium cable gland end for extra strength, main body is also aluminium as are all battery packs now except the 2 cell.

Compatibility: Trigon, X2000, X3000, Dragon D1200 and D1800. Scorpion X

Standard 7000 mAh high capacity, price is 80 plus postage

12 volt power packs.

We can supply compact  3 X 18650 cell power packs suitable for the Scorpion X_12 (Charge at 1 amp. Refer to charger label)

As below.

Price is 55 plus postage

We can also supply the larger 3 X 2070 aluminium cased power packs suitable for the high discharge  Lynx X_12. backwards compatible with MagumStar (12V) , Lynx X5000, X6000. Can be charged at 2 amps.

Price is 80 plus postage.

Extension cables 5, enables belt pouch or pocket carry.



Scorpion X_12 will run on the larger pack, but Lynx X_12 will not make full power on the small pack.

Scorpion X16

The cost of this is 80 plus 5 p and p. Total 85.


Mounting Helmet mount power packs

The pack is secured by means of 2 lengths of 4mm shockcord Flat pack 4 cell shown below. This ensures a low fitting thus obviating roof contact.

Support for 8V MagnumStar

Replacement power packs supplied to special order.



4 and 8 Volt Chargers

This is normally supplied as part of the kit option on these lamps, however can be purchased as an after sale in the event of loss or damage to the original.

Can operate from a vehicle with 12v electrics with suitable inverter

Basically, it is simply a charger and mains adaptor combined with a yellow plug on the end.


15 plus 3 p and p, total 18

 4 cell power packs supplied prior to February 2014

It is highly recommended that you upgrade to a new flat pack for increased lamp power and burn times.

Our Guarantee

All lamps are guaranteed for 12 months from date of purchase. Refunds of postage will be included in certain cases. Lamps are described as waterproof, but not suitable for diving. This does not affect your statutory rights.




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