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12V 3 cell 2070 type (Tesla) are 43.2

12V 3 cell 18650 type are 37.8


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Jargon Buster

Watt's a lumen?

To understand the lamps you need to understand some common terms. Amps are the measure of electrical current that flows through a circuit of part of it. The now obsolete Oldham lead acid caplamp bulb runs at 1 amp. Volts technically defined as potential difference or electromotive force can be equated to pressure like the pressure of water in a tap. Turn on the tap the pressure drops and you have a current. Watts* are units of power and are arrived at by multiplying the amperage by the voltage. The standard Oldham caplamp has a 1 amp bulb and the battery is rated at 4 volts, so its classed as 4 watts.

(* Defined as a duration of energy equal to 1 joule for 1 second)

Lumens are units of light, it stands for 'luminous flux', that are actually produced at source, and should not be confused with Lux which is a measure of light falling on a specific area at a specific distance. The Oldham lead acid caplamp produced 48 lumens of light for a consumption of 4 watts. LEDs produce a lot more light, a Cree XML2-U2 will produce approx 3 times this at 1 watt

Lumens cannot be physically measured and have to be calculated from the LED manufacturers data sheet..


A 220volt 100 watt light bulb produces about 1000 lumens, this is the league we are in with my lamps.

However, lumens do not tell the whole story, second to this in importance are the optics, its no good having a powerful LED if half the light goes to waste. This explains why you will sometimes see a lamp rated at say 500 lumens beat one rated at 600 lumens.

The relationship between lux and lumens is fully dependant on the way that the light output of the LED is managed, this a bare emitter could have a very high output expressed in lumens, but would have a very low lux, equally a miners lamp such as an Oldham DL 16 will have a very high lux for its relatively low lumen of 90 lumens. This is because all of the light generated is focused into a very tight beam.

So if we widen the beam say by 100%, in order to maintain the lux rating and therefore the throw, we would have to increase the output of the LED by 100% to 180 lumens.


Sainsbury's are a reputable store, their bulb (right) is correctly described. The torch left is described as "32,000 Lumens", they are OK for the money but the output, probably about 3,000 lumens fresh charge, nosedives as batteries go down.



We have a wide range of caplamps suitable for caving and mine exploring, ranging from the lightweight to the powerful. Expensive? well not in the sense of some on the market. Our Dragon EX weighs in at only a mere 125 grams, our Lynx X_Basic 2 will compete with anything and costs only 100.  Our Scorpion X8 produces over 2000 lumens of beam or floodlight power separately, the Scorpion X12 up to 3500 lumens of combined beam and flood.

All lamps are either waterproof @ 30 minutes at 1 m water column; IP 67 and have no silly pointless flashy modes (Hidden flashes on X_Basic and TGX). The Scorpion TGX sealed rechargeable is waterproof to IP68 5 metres.

The same toggle switch is universal on most of my lamps. Very high quality: here is the data sheet :


Scorpion TGX has high performance push button resistant against the most tenacious mud and IP 68 waterproof.

Post and Packing.

All shipping is by Royal Mail insured Special Delivery ( X_Basic First Class signed for) which ensures that the lamps will arrive at your home the very next day. We do not accept any money unless we have the goods ready to ship.

See what our customers are saying about our lamps:

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No recreational helmets are currently manufactured with lamp brackets. My Lynx and Dragon aluminium lamps are designed with a 40mm spacing between holes so as to duplicate the fixing for the Petzl bracket. All Scorpion lamps use GoPro mounts.

If you need a bracket for one of our now discontinued Oldham based lamps or someone else's, these links are useful.



Scorpion lamps are GoPro Mount


Our  Lamps

The Dragon EX

The 'over and under' design is optimum for weight saving. This lamp is designed for lightness and practicability and especially suited to tight caving and digging projects.


Dragon: 30mm X 40mm, length 55mm excluding bracket.

Weight 125 grams

Max output over 1500 lumens. Standard output of 250 lumens for over 16 hours! 

The Dragon EX

Price 150 plus P and P total 158

The weight and size of this lamp makes it ideal for arduous use and is particularly recommended for work such as digging projects.



The Lynx

The Lynx X_Basic 2

This lamp is our cheapest but holds its own with competitors costing, well, ???

New model now available

The Lynx X_Basic

100 plus 5 postage.



The Scorpion

This is a new concept in underground lighting. Its unique square 'box' shape allows a diversity of different internal electronics. There are 3 'off the shelf' models to choose from. Beat this anywhere else!

How the idea was born

The Scorpion Concept

DIMENSIONS: Scorpions are 67mm wide (inc heatsinks) by 60mm high and measure 67 mm approx from front bezel to end of mounting bracket. Individual weights vary, see models please.

The Scorpion X_12

This is the original concept model and features 2 arrays of 3 LEDs at different power outputs running from a 12 volt power pack.

Exceptionally user friendly.

The Scorpion X_12

245 plus 10 post and packing, total 255


The Scorpion X_8

Virtually the same as the discontinued Lynx X2000 but with increased waterproof integrity and GoPro compatibility.

The Scorpion X8

245 plus 10 post and packing, total 255


The Scorpion TGX

This is a sealed rechargeable IP 68 5 metre submersible extra tough lamp for extreme use. Has 5 mm laminated glass that laughs off substantial blows. This is specialist kit.

The Scorpion TGX

195 plus 10 post and packing total 205


Our Guarantee

All lamps are guaranteed for 12 months from date of purchase. Refunds of postage will be included in certain cases. Lamps are described as waterproof, but not suitable for diving. This does not affect your statutory rights.

Post and Packing Policy and Charges

Oldham conversions and X_Basic are First Class Signed For, and cost is 5  All other lamps are Special Delivery insured because of the value. 



Ordering a lamp

Check stock level at bottom of this page, if "no stock" please check availability.

Subject to this, its dead simple. We do not require you to open an account, create a username and password, give us your phone number so that you can receive unwanted calls from our 'carefully selected partners', or attempt to take control of your computer. You just send us the money, we send you the lamp. Just like in the good old days.

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Cheques to R.A.Fellows please. DO NOT SEND CASH THROUGH THE POST. BACS payments welcome, account details on request.


Please enquire by ordinary email.


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