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Scorpion TGX

Tough and very waterproof.

The Scorpion TGX

 New generation of lamps being developed

1/ NEW Scorpion X12 Ultra

This will replace the previous X8 and X12 plus a new IP 68 5 metre rated battery connection. This will bring the whole lamp up to IP68 spec.

2/  Scorpion X16 upgraded.

new version has smaller detachable  battery with alot of the electronics being moved into a charging adaptor. A IP 58 rated screw locked plug seales it to IP 68 standard. The new battery wsweighs in at avery modest 270 grams.


3/ Under development. The Dragon 5

This will be GoPro mounted same as all the other lamps and use lighter components to reduce the weight to a target 100 grams.

4/ Replacement Stenlight cables

Available in the New Year, these will be of 5mm Chainflex cable and made to fit either original Sten battery or one of my 2 cell packs.

4 cell power packs supplied prior to February 2014, Trigons and some X3000s.

It is highly recommended that you upgrade to a new flat pack (as shown below) for increased lamp power and burn times.

Price is 60 plus postage.

See below


Power pack is sealed waterproof, shockproof and explosion proof ABS plastic internally potted.

IP67 waterproof, 1 metre submersion for up to 30 minutes.

Shockproof, dropping, roof contact etc.

Explosion proof, chemistry breakdown causing cell venting, case lid forces off and vents to atmosphere.