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Frequently asked questions



Q: Why do your Lynx lamps have a rim? Surely the floods would be better without one.

A: Rimless lamps have front lenses of polycarbonate, they are not glass. This scratches and scuffs easily and spoils the beam pattern. Ours are toughened glass. Makes no difference to the floods except possibly at ceiling, which means nothing to the wearer.

Q: Wouldn't your Lynx mounting brackets be better in stainless steel?

A: No, stainless steel is heavy and adds weight, and is a very poor conductor heat.

Q: Why don't your lamps have a spade mount instead of bolting direct to the helmet.

A: No recreational helmets have been produced with brackets for years. Buying a lamp that needs you to buy something else to mount is a no brainer. If you have a helmet with a Petzl bracket just drill out the rivets to mount your lamp, our brackets are designed to match the same hole width as a Petzl bracket.

Q: Wouldn't the Dragon be better mounted flat?

A: The lamp is designed so that the bracket acts as a shock absorber if you bang it on the roof. This is similar in concept to the cars of yesteryear before hydraulic shock absorbers were developed. It also make tilt adjustment very easy, trust me.

Q: I have seen lamps out there with  much better looking connectors, why do you use the yellow ones?

A: Because something looks better does not mean that it actually is better. The yellow connectors we use have gold plated contacts and have a proven history of reliability. The ones you are probably thinking about are really standard Jack Plugs, some of which have an unknown current rating and resistance to corrosion. XT 60 connectors are rated up to 60 amps!


Q: A lot of other lamps  will output about 2000 lumens, so what makes your lamps different?

A: To the best of my knowledge I am the only producer of lamps that wires multiple LEDs in series, in twos or even threes. Other manufacturers state a combined output of single LED beam plus one flood or wide angle. My lamps have multiple beams and multiple floods. So don't fooled, a lamp which states "max combined output 2000 lumens" will not hold a candle to mine if its a combined output of beam and flood.

Q: Your Lynx X2000 and Scorpion X_8 can only switch either beams or floods. Surely it would be advantageous to combine the two?

A: Yes, correct. The above lamps actually do that. The floods illuminate at a low level with the beams to give peripheral lighting, so you can see clearly where you are putting your feet. Combining all at full power would rapidly overheat the lamp anyway. The Lynx X_12 does do this, but is only capable of short periods, and it has better heatsinking anyway.



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