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My 2 cell 8V series power packs are suitable for use with Stenlights with a suitable XT60 to Tamiya connector which can be made up from a scrap Sten battery

Up to 40% more burn time from my new tech power pack and at a lower price!

Stenlight lamp converted to robust XT60, my power banks go straight on.


40 plus postage for 2 cell power bank.

Lamp conversion plus the power bank is 50 plus postage.


I am able to supply exchange replacements based on robust IGUS Chainflex cable with end match either original Tamiya connector or XT 60 to match my batteries. I can make up a new cable PCB if required, but using the original is better.

The Chainflex cable is far superior to StenSats original and is almost indestructible.

Note that early lamps identifiable by a flat 2 core PCB cable indented along the middle are different. These are soldered into the lamps PCB then passed through the back of the lamp and filled it in with what looks like Plastic Metal. Its impossible to replace the cable without chiselling out the filler and removing the PCB. These are fixed by thermal tape but  can be removed by getting the lamp hot and pushing them out through the cable hole. However it usually trashes them because removal procedure causes the PCB to bend. Its the way to fit a new one. Basically a lamp of this type with damaged cable is impossible to repair without fitting a new lamp PCB which is unobtainable in the UK.

Cost is 10 plus return postage 2, total 12.


Battery and Cable upgrade kit

This is my own 3500 mAh 2 cell battery pack with suitable lamp cable. genuine Sanyo cells.

Price is 50 plus 4 postage.


I have a stock of spares and will attempt repairs. I have no PCBs and the existing PCB is a permanent installation (adhesive heat conductive tape) that would require destruction of existing PCB to remove it. Consequently repairs are very finicky. I have just fitted new emitters to a very dim and useless lamp successfully and charged 25, thereby giving it a new lease of life. However, I cannot guarantee success. Replacement lenses and other parts are a different matter. Please ask.


r the power packs.