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The Scorpion X12 Ultra

caving and mining lamp

New Design!

The Scorpion X12 Ultra


There is a basic issue in producing a lamp with a high maximum output but with efficient lower output levels. Additional to this is the problem of producing a lamp that retains its output on any brightness level, but which also will not suddenly die on you when the battery goes down. In effect you are trying to have your cake and eat it. Obviously, higher efficiency means longer burn times; this combined with sustainable output means the lamp is suitable for long weekend activities away from recharging facilities. Go back underground the next day and every mode bar Turbo as bright as the day before.

All of the above has been achieved. Four useful output levels plus an automatic power down to a slow death that lasts for hours. There are Standard (300 lumens), Standard Plus (450 lumens), High 1250 lumens, and Turbo (3400 lumens). On low battery the lamp will start to flash, this will increase in frequency until it shuts down to the lower (slow death) level. This is about 20% of Standard to start, slowly dying down to a glimmer over an extended period. On practical test, Standard burned for 19 hours and then powered down to the SD mode were I lost interest after 5 hours and turned it off.

A further issue with some lamps is tendency to flicker at low outputs, this driver is based on a DC-DC converter and is flicker free.

I will be able to easily produce a custom lamp for anyone who wants lower outputs for say tighter calcited cave systems where the 300 lumens base setting would be too much light. This would be easily achieved by simply increasing the value of the RSense current sense resistor. If effect, this will reduce all the outputs and can be made to order. An example is RSense = 0.05 ohms will give about 180 lumens Standard and Turbo of about 2600 lumens. Normal fitting is 0.04 ohms.


Some other main points:

  • GoPro mounted with full GoPro compatibility

  • High Efficiency - New super efficient F_Tech driver technology, Up to 97% efficiency on higher outputs, 85% on lower ones. Means longer burn times.

  • High sustainability on all outputs. Brightness does not diminish as battery depletes. (Bar Turbo Mode) Diminishing output is a common issue with most buck drivers.

  • Up to 3400 lumens max output.

  • Blue 'Nightrider' 4 blue LED battery meter

  • Single "flick" action toggle switch, non fumble.

  • IP 68 - 5 metre submersion (subject to short time frame due to cable joint)

  • User friendly 4 modes at a flick, non fumble.

  • Lamp will not suddenly go out on depleted battery, it powers down into a “slow death" mode which lasts for hours finally ending at a glimmer.

  • 4  LEDs, 2 beam and 2 floods, 1/3 of the output shared between 2 floods so heat minimised on each LED. Flood failure is most common failure on a lot of lamps

  • Weight 230 grams.

  • Dedicated 12V 3.5 AH Power bank, 280 grams.

  • GoPro helmet bracket included

  • Free GoPro accessory pack with lamp. Cycle and tripod mount, extensions etc.

  • Over temperature power down.

  • Other accessories available.



The F_Tech driver utilises an analogue voltage signal to control brightness, rather than the usual Pulse Width Modulation (PWM). If the latter needs explanation, you can read all about it in Wiki. The aforementioned voltage signal is a product of my own design analogue controller that generates 4 output signals. Low battery power down is a separate function. Problem with off the shelf and cheaper drivers is falling output as the battery goes down, and poor efficiency at lower brightness levels. This is basically what you can expect to get in most Chinese torches and headtorches. The off the shelf buck driver shown in the comparison graph is actually one of the better ones. So how bad are the poor ones? I could say but would probably be disbelieved!

The graph below shows a comparison at high mode, lower ones perform similarly as does the poor quality conventional buck driver shown for comparison. The graph ends at 9.5V which is where mine powers down to slow death mode. Lower modes are not as efficient on either, but the off the shelf can be as bad as 68% while F_Tech averages 85%.  I have compared the high modes as the outputs are similar.

Another issue with the Chinese products are falling output as the battery depletes. Graph below, again at High Mode, makes a comparison between the two.

Connecting the battery to the Scorpion enables a bright green Gallium Nitride emitter pilot and power on light. These are very efficient at low current and underground testing has confirmed that one can easily see ones feet; this would still operate in the event of failure of the main electronics.

The lamp shuts down at approx 9.5V (Adjustable) to the ‘slow death mode’ at which point the green pilot will go out and be replaced by a flashing red LED. The Slow Death Mode burn time is hours and hours, I tested for 5 hours and then lost interest.

I can customise outputs on demand with lower settings for anyone not wanting as much light.

The new lamp has virtually nothing sourced from the Far East; all electronic and major components are from major western manufacturers. All the electronics are my own design.




 3 cell 12V power bank. Weight 250 grams.

Included accessories, helmet mount, and accessory kit: Cycle and tripod mount and extension bars.

Nice helmet bracket!

Burn time indications

Standard mode: 300 lumens for 19 hours as tested, Standard plus mode 450 lumens for an estimated 10 hours, High mode: 1250 lumens for estimated 3.5 hours, Turbo: 3400 lumens for estimated  1 hour - all finally shutting down to a slow death of about 10 hours of diminishing output.


Lamp, lightweight 12V power bank, battery fitting kit, charger,  GoPro helmet bracket, free GoPro accessories £265 plus £10 post and packing, total £275



Vertical Helmet bracket.

Free substitute with original order. Suitable for some high front helmets, also skate boards etc.

£5 as after sale.

Geeky Suff. The F_Tech driver