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The Scorpion Custom

Available now to a lead time of about 2 weeks per order.

caving and mining lamp

This is a new concept in underground lighting and as such is rather unique.

The Scorpion Custom



Bespoke custom lamps built to order to customers spec at no extra cost!


Based of either the EX_Basic


or the X_8 and X_12 lamp design



1/ The EX LV (Low voltage)

The Oldham based EcoStar was a low voltage lamp of reasonable performance up to 600 lumens of beam, which has proved itself to be one of the most reliable lamps I ever produced.

Stick it in an IP 68 GoPro Scorpion for 145

Low voltage does not go out. This is not a function of complex electronics of the voltage type.

Well, it will eventually, after a few days.

2/ The EX_BB (Broad beam)

A semi flood combined with, pilot or whatever.

Or, whatever you would like. Within reason.


Suggestions 2

2 spot beams and a broad beam up to 3500 lumens, plus a pilot?



A full range of GoPro accessories will be available and the circular lens ring is a standard 60 mm to take accessories such as a photo diffuser. There will also be a range of different battery types available